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Review with Dried Blossom

February 22nd, 2013 by
rose of sharon blossom

Dried out blossom – rose of sharon

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Happy Purim to all those that celebrate.

4 Responses to Review with Dried Blossom

  1. Lorri says:

    Thank you for the link. I love the photo…I think dried blossoms are beautiful in their simplicity and faded look…your photo depicts that.

  2. Laura says:

    This is such an interesting choice for a subject–I would never have thought to take this picture, but it has a nice Wintery austerity to it and I love the blurred background mosaic of beige, white, green and blue. And thanks for the links!

  3. There is a quiet beauty in that flower…Michelle

  4. Hannah says:

    Belated think you for the link!

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