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Downy Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse, Cardinal and Sparrow

February 3rd, 2014 by

downy woodpecker
At some point last week we had a large variety of birds visiting our backyard (downy woodpecker, tufted fitmouse, cardinal, blue jays and sparrow). Today, with about eight inches of snow on the ground (much of it fell during the day) I saw no birds in our backyard. I checked the birdfeeder, and it had no snow on the top and was full of seed from yesterday, so it must be the birds go elsewhere when the snow is coming down.

I saw the lovely red spot on the head woodpecker high in my neighbor’s tree. I quickly looked up woodpeckers online and found a hairy woodpecker. Michelle told me it was probably a downy woodpecker – those are smaller than hairy woodpeckers. Indeed, I thought it small (and cute). Michelle wrote a whole post on how to identify a downy woodpecker and differentiate it from its look-alike cousin, the hairy woodpecker.

tufted titmous with seed in his mouth
I saw several tufted titmice last week – here’s one tufted titmouse cutie with a seed in his mouth.

blue jay
This isn’t the clearest shot of a blue jay, but there were several blue jay visitors as well.

I wonder if my cardinal friends feel an imposition – the yard used to be mostly sparrows and some cardinals. They no longer seem to rule the roost (the blue jays now seem like the rulers, when they arrive).

Oh, I just thought this sparrow was the cat’s meow! Or maybe not, because then he would get eaten by the cat …

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23 Responses to Downy Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse, Cardinal and Sparrow

  1. Carver says:

    Great shots of the birds. You captured some of my favorites in this post. The downy woodpeckers and tufted titmouse are such cuties. So are cardinals and sparrows for that matter.

    • Leora says:

      It seems like they were flocking to my bird feeder last week! We had more visitors this morning, with lots of snow about. Today I mostly saw small birds.

  2. DeniseinVA says:

    I enjoyed all your photos of the birds Leora, lovely shots!

  3. Jeri says:

    East coast birds are so much more fun than those that frequent Idaho in the winter. I definitely miss the bird feeder I had in front of the dining room window in Charlotte.

    • Leora says:

      When I was in Israel last May (in the Galil, which is up north), I thought I would see some exotic birds. But the ones I saw were mostly brown or gray. I guess I do get pretty ones in my backyard.

  4. Eileen says:

    Cute collection of birds, Leora! I love the woodie! Have a happy day!

  5. You got some lovely shots! That little Titmouse is so sweet!

  6. Lorri M. says:

    I love all of the bird photos, Leora. The inquisitive look on the sparrow is precious. Your last line regarding the feathered-one, had me laughing.

  7. KL says:

    Are you from NJ as well? I am a NJ blogger. Really nice pics. We also get all of these in our feeder and their numbers actually increases when it snows. So, it’s surprising to know that your decreases.

  8. Lorri M. says:

    Yes, the cat line. Of course, I wouldn’t want the cute thing eaten, but the line did sound a bit funny.

  9. So happy to see the visitors to your yard. The woodpeckers could take a seed a put it in a crack of tree bark to pound it open. Birds like mourning doves wouldn’t be able to land on your feeder. But you are getting a good variety …. Great Nature Notes post..

    • Leora says:

      Maybe I should get a second one. Maybe something upright, that comes with its own support? If you have a recommendation, I’ll take a look.

      • Michelle says:

        You want a different kind of feeder? Right now no squirrels can get to the feeder on your window. But they can get to a different kind of platform feeder that would be accessible to doves. Some birds like to feed on the ground or a flat surface like doves and usually cardinals so they must really be hungry using that window feeder.

        Let me know what kind of birds you want to attract and I can tell you what kind of feeder. You might get a suet feeder but squirrels like suet too.

        Here are Duncraft’s window feeders. I may get one too although the feeders that hang on the deck can’t be gotten to by the squirrels, but all the other ones can and I let them.

  10. Such beautiful little friends you have found whilst walking Leora:-)

  11. Susan Cooper says:

    I love your photography Leora. The bird are so well captured. I do need to fill my bird feeders.

    I just bought a new camera, A Canon 70D. I hope to take my photography skills to the next level.

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