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Young Robins in Nest

July 7th, 2014 by

robin babies in nest
Once again we have baby robins growing up outside our porch. Last time we saw them I got photos of the baby blue eggs. This time, I was busy with my daughter’s bat-mitzvah in early June when I first noticed a mama robin sitting on a nest in a bush that I really would love to trim down in size. By the time I had my camera ready to photograph them, they were hatched young robins, asking for food from mama or papa robin.

robin babies want food
I used my telephoto lens to reach the young robins for a photo. Can you see the young robins crying for food?

robins cry
So I will be waiting a little longer before I find someone to do the trimming. These bushes are too big to trim on my own.

robin parent

mama robin on nest
Here’s the mama robin (or is it the papa?) sitting on the nest.

Have you ever seen baby robins? Do you ever find that watching a birth or young one in nature can help when feeling a sense of loss?

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8 Responses to Young Robins in Nest

  1. Lorri M. says:

    Your photos brought smiles to my face. They are precious images. Robins are one of my favorite birds…I miss seeing them.

  2. Carver says:

    These are wonderful. Love seeing them in the nest. The robin nest at my house are too well hidden for photographs and I never get shots until they are juveniles and out of the nest.

  3. Eileen says:

    I love the cute baby robins, lovely captures.. I hope all is well! Have a happy week!

  4. Seeing young birds and flowers coming up makes me feel that there is a sense of continuity and order to the world when there is so much violence and hate in many parts. It helps me to escape. How cute these are and how lovely to have them nesting near you… Nice to see you in Nature Notes Leora..Michelle

    • Leora says:

      It’s nice to be back, to have something great to share, and not feel like life is too much of a rush. Not sure if I will have something every week, but I will spend a little time thinking about what is possible.

  5. Indrani says:

    I can almost hear the chirping. :)
    Great series.
    From NN.

  6. Susan Cooper says:

    What great shots of this young bird family. I could almost hear them. It really made me feel happy to see this today. :-)

    • Leora says:

      Susan, your comments are making me realize I need to get out into nature … I’ll have to plan my (short) trips, as they won’t happen unless I do.

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