I ain’t missin’ you at all

Some of you enjoyed seeing my portrait posted, so here’s another one. If you’ll click on the photo, you’ll see the boy that I’m missing. I dropped him off yesterday so he could head off to camp for a month. He’s sure he’ll love it (Camp Stone), but I’m sure I’ll miss him. He’s my creative youngster, the one who was in the local teen film festival (shh, he’s only 11). On an aside, Michelle Reasso is back part-time at the Highland Park Public Library, so hopefully, there will be a new teen film festival this winter.

The photo was taken in the mirrored elevators of the King’s Hotel in Jerusalem. At some point, I will do a post on their “swimming pool” (they don’t really have one, it’s not the ritziest place in town), but it will be a fun post about an interesting city element with a Paris connection.

While I was driving my son from Highland Park, New Jersey to Teaneck, New Jersey, I asked my boy to take a few photos. Not because there is great scenery on the New Jersey Turnpike. It’s more like a nightmarish view, what gives New Jersey a bad name. I haven’t even looked at the photos yet; they are still in my camera, but maybe I’ll get up the guts to post a few, and submit something to Sky Watch Friday? As a contrast to all the beautiful sky photos from around the world one can find there.

Lion of Zion said he posted for a year about his trip to Israel, so I feel better about doing so here. Stay tuned for more postings about food in Israel, as Lion of Zion raised the topic of restaurants.

And just to add yet one more topic to this eclectic post, if anyone has any good thoughts on alternative energy research, would love to hear.

12 thoughts on “I ain’t missin’ you at all

  • my grandparents bought an apt in jerusalem ca. 1970 and used to go there every year for the summer months until he took ill.

    at my grandfather’s funeral my uncle spoke of how important these visits were to him and he broke down my grandfather’s year this way: he would spend 3-4 months in israel, then for 4 months talk about everything he did in israel, then for the next 4 months talk about how much he can’t wait to go back to israel and what he plans to do, then another 3-4 months in israel, etc.

    unfortunately my visits are not quite as frequent, so i have the leisure of posting for more than a year

  • When I first visited Israel with USY Pilgrimage, long before I ever thought of making aliyah, we stayed at the Beit Ligat Nashim youth hostel, just a few blocks behind the Kings Hotel. This was back in the days of the infamous “crepe” toilet paper, and when things got too bad we used to sneak into the Kings Hotel and, umm, appropriate a few extra rolls of the good stuff ;-).

  • Nothing like the mirror shots.
    I blogged about my summer visit to NY in a couple of biggies. I guess I should go back and slowly go over the hundreds and hundreds for better stories.

  • Glad you all enjoy the photo. Thanks as always for visiting and for commenting.

    Yes, Batya, choose one or two at a time and tell us a bit. You often have an interesting camera angle and story angle.

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