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Today’s Flower: Forsythia
Ruby Tuesday Story

JPIX: A Feast of Photos from the JBlogosphere

Public History (congrats to Baila and Itzhak770, who correctly identified the seder location)

Hamantaschen Recipes

Link to Jack Day (Jack was one of the first to leave a comment on my blog last year, when I was a newbie blogger)

Winter Slaw (an easy, healthful dish, tastes good warm or room-temperature)

Networking Ideas (learn about my magical tree)

My New Toy

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

blue arrow near Route 446 near Baila's houseIlana-Davita has been quizzing every day with Purim questions. Great way to learn about Purim, the holiday Jewish people around the world will be celebrating next Monday night to Tuesday (and in Jerusalem and Shiloh, the celebration is Tuesday night and Wednesday. Find out why.)

Baila asks some difficult questions about living in Israel.

This week is Shabbat Zachor, in which we remember Amalek and what he did when the Israelites (old name for Jewish people) came out of Egypt.

Phiya Kushi writes of many people who have survived cancer with macrobiotics.

Coming soon to this blog: A Purim Word Find, and a special Purim Ruby Tuesday (and in between, the first spring flower I could find on my block)

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