Millet, JPIX, KCC and Upcoming

I have recently been exploring millet. Some say millet is an alkaline forming grain (and that this is a good thing). While the alkaline/acidic food balance theory may just be a theory, I’ve gotten interested in learning how to cook millet. What do I do with it?

I’ve made millet like rice: two parts water to one part millet. It was OK, kind of grainy, and when it was warm, and I stuck in a bit of cheese, I liked it better (but cheese is supposedly acidic, so that sort of defeats the alkalizing part). Recipes, anyone? Here are some I found online:

I haven’t tried any of these recipes. Which one should I try? Would you try any?

On a related topic, Batya will be hosting the next Kosher Cooking Carnival. She would like you to submit a post and to be a host.

In topics related to blog carnivals, JPIX (Jewish Photographers Blog Carnival) will appear on this blog at the end of June. So submit your favorite post with a great photo.

Upcoming on this blog (tomorrow): How to Pay a Shiva Call: A Guide for Non-Jews, non-observant Jews, Jews who need to brush up on the tradition of shiva, and people who find the idea of comforting a mourner a bit scary

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