New York City Red Lips

red lips
This ad with the red Target symbols and red lipstick lips on a building near Times Square next to a red brick building in New York City was just screaming “Use me for Ruby Tuesday, why don’t you?” I’ll let you tell me what you see and what impressions it makes for you.

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21 thoughts on “New York City Red Lips

  • The red lips seem to fit a pouty faced model. A ruby, although a bit stand-offish. Yet Target, a place I do like to shop at, is a friendly ruby. Friendly and/or otherwise views are all fine as long as they are in ruby!

  • Great combination of very different elements.
    Thanks for my RT link. By the way your blog looks fine via the latest IPhone update. More reader-friendly.

    • Glad to hear the blog looks OK on an iPhone. I have paid no attention to how this blog looks mobile. For my other blog, I have a mobile plugin.

      • To tell you the truth I rarely read blogs on a mobile phone but today I have left the computer at home. WordPress is fine but I can’t comment on Ralph’s blog.

  • Have you made a ruby montage from NY?
    I tried to find out how it’s done, but can’t.
    I prefer the red brick building to anything else one the picture.
    Great window, elaborate mason work as well as the wrought iron.
    I might easily be persuaded to live in a town house like that, preferably with a park near by.
    Oh, who am I kidding?
    A simple country girl like myself probably wouldn’t make it one day in New York.

    Like the picture though, very urban.
    I’m having fun zig zagging my way through the summer with Ulysses.
    Thanks for challenging me. This way I’m getting Joyce under my skin.

    • I don’t think I would enjoy living in NYC, either.

      I am looking forward to opening Ulysses and joining you.

      “ruby montage” – ah, maybe I’ll do nine favorite Ruby Tuesdays as a montage. I could use an HTML table to make the nine.

  • I see the old building facade as a pillar of the past. The Target rings are a link, a go-between the facade and the girls’ red pouty lips which are like a glossy, artificial future, challenging “Is that all there is?” A very symbolic photo with all kinds of interpretations for me! But the face and lips linger as a confronting image!

  • hee hee…
    ยซLouisยป would have had a hard time resisting that choice for Ruby Tuesday had he been ‘in your shoes’.

    Re your comment at Photoblogista about the C&H sign, indeed it can be seen for miles – especially at night. It puts on a ‘light show’. It is the factory for the California & Hawaiian Sugar Company. If you click to enlarge this photo, you can see the sign peeking out from behind the Carquinez Bridge.

  • What an interesting photo! I was drawn to all the lines and shapes and then the many shades of red, and finally that gorgeous lipstick. Who knew so much could be going on in one capture?

  • The old and new, that’s the first thing I thought of – the interesting architecture of an old building next to the screaming ad from modern-day Target.

    I also like the different lines and shapes all found in one photo, like Nonizamboni said.

    Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday!

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