JPiX Spring Summary Edition 2012

JPiX is the Jewish Photo Bloggersโ€™ Blog Carnival. Click on each thumbnail to view original post.

Three by Batya: Herodian ruins, shopping mall, Old City of Jerusalem
 mall old city Jerusalem

Three by Sharon of Real Streets of Jerusalem:
fruit stand, Gan Sacher on Israel’s 64th birthday, Jerusalem Day
real streets of jerusalem fruit  Jerusalem Day

Left: chol hamoed Pesach visit to the Israel Museum in Yerushalayim by Mrs. S. and Right: Ari Sephardi Synagogue by Laurie Rappeport courtesy of Daled Amos
sukkah germany ari sefaradi tsfat synagogue

Left: New Season of Archaeological Digging at Tel Shiloh by Yisrael Medad; Middle and Right: Yemin Moshe, a tiny neighborhood in Jerusalem, near the Old City; and Tower of David by Toby
tel shiloh yemin moshe Tower of David by Toby

Left: sunflower bud by Jewaicious; Middle and Right: Poppy and fence; Golden Hour by Robin
sunflower bud poppy and fence golden hour

Three photos by Leah: Pidyon haben, framed Kotel photo, Lag B’omer collage detail
pidyon ha ben Jerusalem kotel lag bomer

Three by Leora: Chametz burning, Lavan, Yaakov and Rachel, cherry blossoms
chametz burning in Edison New Jersey Lavan, Yaakov, Leah or Rachel cherry blossoms in front of forsythia

This edition of JPiX is dedicated for the good health of Shmuel Asher ben haRav Pesah Esther: Refuah Shlayma to Sam. Learn more about “super” Sam on his mom’s blog and how you can participate with superhero photos.

The next edition of JPiX may not be until December – unless you want to volunteer to host. Learn more and submit posts with photos.

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