JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival 2014

Welcome to JPiX, the Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival, winter 2014 edition. Hope you will enjoy the tour of Jewish-inspired photos from around the world. Today we are visiting Israel, Crimea, California and Highland Park, New Jersey. Featured are a funeral and a wedding; sushi and bread; snow, sunsets and koi. I like to start with Batya, because if it weren’t for her, this carnival would not exist. If you like an image, please visit the post and leave a comment for the photographer. Comments welcome on this post as well, of course.

jerusalem window by Batya sukkah by Batya shiloh gathering by Batya

wedding by Leah chanukah by leah jude star by Leah

sea floor by Lorri kiddush cup by Lorri Lorri countryside

bread devo-koi  devo-pigeons

sushi candles by Mason Resnick playing Jewish Quarter by Mason Resnick erev shabbat by Mason Resnick

Chanukah in Jerusalem by Sharon windmill by sharon knesset in snow

toby-efrat-snow-150px toby-sun-150px sunset toby

Cosmic X
sukkot by Cosmic X funeral Rav Ovadiah Yosef by Cosmic X snow

chanukah one night by Leora lightrail in sepia Jerusalem by Leora jerusalem building Leora

If you want to submit to a future edition of JPiX Jewish Photo Blogger Carnival, the form is on the JPiX page. The next edition will probably be in June or July 2014. If anyone would like to volunteer to host (a brave proposition because you need to be good with a photo editor), you can let me know by comment or by the JPiX form.

You can see past JPiX:

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