Hebrew in WordPress 2.2

In order to post in Hebrew, one must make a minor change to the wp-config.php file. Here’s an excellent post on the subject. Well, anything involving changing a config file is not minor. So I make the recommended change, and then what I happens…I start getting lovely error messages! About headers already being included! Ok, so I panic for a moment, then I put my thinking cap back on, search for header error messages in WordPress, and it turns out, putting extra space in a config file is one of the most common errors. Edited out some extra lines I must have inadvertently added to wp-config, and then…the Hebrew worked! רואים עברית (one can see the Hebrew)

2 thoughts on “Hebrew in WordPress 2.2

  • Hi there – Tooo true (Hebrew in WordPress 2.2). Well done article, I hope it gets picked up on the internet more and more. FYI, I found you quite by accident while searching on ‘HP’. I feel lucky to have found your Blog. Keep thinking and posting!

  • Hey, there…thanks for commenting as you pass through.

    I find that as I build websites I often come across stumbling blocks, then (usually) I eventually get over them and move on to the next perplexing puzzle. I am glad my reporting them on the way is appreciated.

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