Here in HP, take one

Welcome to the first post of “Here in Highland Park, New Jersey”. Or the short name: “Here in HP”. I hope to bring you stories about Highland Park, what’s going on in the local Jewish community, ideas on how to build a productive website, how to get your family to eat healthy food, artsy photos and fun Flash tidbits and more. I will invite comments, and we will even have guests contributors!

One possible contributor may talk about any of these topics: art, nutrition, general health, yoga, cooking, keeping an environmentally sound home (natural cleaning, recycling, etc)… is that enough to keep you interested?

I would also like to add some short parsha thoughts…for those of you who are “Hebrew-challenged”, the parsha is the portion of the torah being read each week. For example, this week is Vayigash… in which Joseph finally reveals his identity.

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