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Highland Park Public LibraryWhile the New Jersey legislature has spent time recently on flu vaccines for pre-schoolers (grrr!), last summer they cut many a library budget across New Jersey.

So our local Highland Park Public Library has been coming up with creative ways to fund books, public programs and general library expenses. If you visit the website, you will find a mail-in donation form, which is the most basic way you can support the library. One benefit to businesses for supporting the library may be a link to your website. For example, Turtle Light Press has a link on the Contributors’ page for all the great work Rick Black has done for the library.

Another fundraiser will be the Highland Park Teen Film Festival on January 27. T-shirts from the film festival will be available for purchase, a great way to support the wonderful teen programs at the library. The film festival itself is free. And a certain talented offspring of mine will debut his mystery movies.

Can you tell us any unique ways your library has raised funds? Thanks!

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