Black Death & Nutrition

I find the History of Health fascinating. So I decided to share this news:

Study says Black Death did not kill indiscriminately
The Black Death that decimated populations in Europe and elsewhere during the middle of the 14th century may not have been a blindly indiscriminate killer, as some experts have believed.

An analysis of 490 skeletons from a London cemetery for Black Death victims demonstrated that the infection did not affect everyone equally, two U.S. scientists said on Monday.

While many perfectly healthy people certainly were cut down, those already in poor health prior to the arrival of the plague were more likely to have perished, they found.

Guess what? This is another “Eat your veggies” post. Health is in your control, up to a point. Take care of yourself, and you may be able to ward off even the Black Death!

Sharon DeWitte analyzed skeletons unearthed from the East Smithfield cemetery in London, dug especially for plague victims and excavated in the 1980s, for bone and teeth abnormalities that would show that people had health problems before they died of plague.

She found such abnormalities in many skeletons, suggesting these people had experienced malnutrition, iron deficiencies and infections well before succumbing to the Black Death.

More on nutrition in a future post. Or maybe a recipe soon… Jill cooked up a soup, and I photographed some homemade croutons and an apple pie.

2 thoughts on “Black Death & Nutrition

  • Batya,

    I was raised by a health-conscious family as well. However, my mother died of colon cancer, diagnosed in her late sixties. She unfortunately believed margarine was healthier than butter, which we now know not to be true.

    I’ve been planning to do a post about nutrition and cancer, but as it is emotionally charged for me, I haven’t gotten there yet.

    Wonderful to hear your parents are over 80! I’ve paid too many shiva calls to peers.

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