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Is this a universal phenomenon? Rivka posts about arriving at a synagogue event and being told that seats are taken, unavailable. More about uncomfortable feelings resulting from seats not being available here. I certainly have felt that way at times.

How does it feel when you walk in a room, and there appears to be enough seats, but then everyone you ask says they are being saved? Is this a bad dream? Or does it happen too often? Or are some of us “too sensitive”?

Unfortunately, however, this is amorphous and not something people talk about in public. It is certainly not the type of discussion that goes on at a synagogue board meeting (more likely to be fundraising, furnace, roof-fixing). And I am not suggesting it should be. But perhaps that is a good use for a blog… publicly stating those abstract, murky, undefinable feelings one gets in certain situations.

One thought on “Sorry, seat is taken

  • Thank you for the links, Leora. You ask good questions. I wonder why this isn’t, as you said, talked about in public or at synagogue board meetings. Maybe it should be. I don’t exactly know what the taboo is but I can feel it, as if there is a stigma with admitting one does not have a seat. Too often, it feels like a popularity contest and the same people are always losing. If enough of us feel uncomfortable with the seats taken phenomenon and start talking about it, maybe it will cease to be an issue anymore. Maybe?

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