Mastering Alef

alefMy daughter has been struggling this year to learn her alefbet. No, no, I’ve got it wrong. We have been struggling this year to get her to learn her alefbet.

Somewhere I saw a lecture: “Learn to write before you learn to read.” Now, that is what I have been trying to tell her teacher! If she could get the kids to at least learn to write their names in Hebrew, it will help with letter recognition (that is how she is taught in her English class).

Finally, she has learned alef. It helps that is the first letter of her name. Here’s a little of the process of learning to write a “print-style” alef. First, what direction does the slant go in? Does it look like this:
slant alef
or like this:
slant incorrect alef
Then, she needs to add those little lines to it. The ones that come out of the bigger slant. An early alef of hers looked like this:

crooked alef
For those of you that don’t know Hebrew, the above is NOT an alef.

Meanwhile, the alefs that she sees often have a fanciness to them, such as the one I have in the upper corner of this post. So sometimes she spends time embellishing her written letters, because that is what she sees.

Lately, her alef has looked a bit like an X. I guess that’s close.

Lucky for her, her second language doesn’t have to be Farsi. We had a guest speaker come talk to us about Farsi on Sunday. But that is a subject for another post.

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