No, You’re Wrong

I put up a comment on a blog recently. I felt like I was stating my opinion. My perspective. And the person basically wrote back that I was wrong. I’m wrong? It was an opinion. A view of life from how I see it. Do I ignore this? Do I never post anything again? OK, I posted one more post. And that one got twisted around by someone else. And now I feel like I really don’t want to post there anymore, anyway.

So, if you state your opinion, anywhere, and someone tells you that you are wrong, do you continue? Do you argue? Do you retreat? Is there a “right” way to handle the situation? Personally, I feel I give up too quickly. Maybe in person, if the person is important, one would try to work it out. But in the blogosphere, where many people are posting anonymously, is it even worth the effort?

2 thoughts on “No, You’re Wrong

  • Interesting question. I don’t think there’s a right way or wrong way. You just do what feels right to you. A person who would baldly state “You are wrong” just like that, sounds pretty closed and inflexible. There’s probably not much you could say to change their mind.

    I personally limit my internet discussions to people who are respectful and open-minded. I’ve been involved in arguments that went nowhere and just ended up frustrated. To me, it’s not worth it.

  • Gail,

    Thanks for giving your perspective.

    I should clarify that the person did not actually use the words “You’re wrong”, but as that was how it felt to me, that’s how I reacted.

    It could be that I just needed to clarify what I said, so I followed up with two more comments. But from the others’ comments, I didn’t feel understood.

    Why is this important? The internet is sort of like a testing ground for real life. You can try out making some statement, and see if anyone else out there feels similarly.
    Or how others react. And improve one’s arguing skills as well.

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