Purim Problems, BIG and small

Yesterday, Yoni posted this: Drinking on purim

Which got me to find this:
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb: It is Not a Mitzvah to Get Drunk on Purim!

And this:
Orthomom: Rampant underage drinking

And then this:
Prof. K’s student, Matt: The Rambam on Drinking on Purim

green square green square green square

I prefer this problem:

Every year, we decorate oatmeal containers for our Shaloch Manot (note: this is a bit like reverse-trick-or-treat–you give your friends food, at least two different kinds).

Here’s a photo from the first year we did this:
Shaloch Manot

Below is last year’s theme (using Photoshop, I put the head of one member of the recipient family’s head on the king or on Mordechai, so it looked like that person was in the photo. Shown below are the undoctored photos, with the exception of my daughter’s head, which was doctored for this web posting):
esther points to haman  mordechai rides horse  haman hangs

The trouble is, we had such a great time with last year’s theme, we are having a hard time getting started with an idea for this year’s oatmeal containers. Everyone should have such problems!

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