Dressing Up, dressing down

ballerinaWelcome to my anti-pantyhose post. Do men have anything in their wardrobes that feel as uncomfortable as pantyhose?

I grew up in the Boston area. Winter was cold (I’m forever telling everyone that Central New Jersey is the tropics). I went to a school with a dress code — I had to wear a skirt every day. I wore knee-his with my skirt. I had not yet discovered leggings, and I hated all the tights available. Needless to say, my legs were cold. Icy cold.

In second grade I had the opportunity to take a ballet class. I remember hating ballet – why? Because of the leotard and tights. “Itchy, itchy,” I used to say. And my mother would mimic me, not knowing how to respond. Ironically, my daughter loves her ballet class. And she has no problem wearing fabric that makes my own skin cringe.

In my twenties a big incentive for studying computer programming was:
to the office. Currently, I wear skirts most of the time (except when skiing or shoveling snow). I now have a vast collection of expensive cotton tights in a multitude of colors and a variety of leggings. But my leggings of choice are a pair of black, Columbia-brand long underwear that sort of look like the more stylish leggings. They are *so* comfortable on my picky, picky skin.

Mazel tov! My nephew is getting married. What do I wear? The last time I tried on pantyhose, several years back, I had to take those itchy things off my body immediately.

I feel like I make choices in life based … can I wear something comfortable? Am I going to feel inwardly uncomfortable because of any of my physically comfortable choices? For example, if I wear cotton tights to the wedding, what shoes do I wear with them? Fancy women’s shoes are made to be worn with pantyhose.

Anybody else out there live with any of these dilemmas?

8 thoughts on “Dressing Up, dressing down

  • Do men have anything in their wardrobes that feel as uncomfortable as pantyhose?

    Men are far more practical. No pantyhose, no pumps, no girdles.

  • I suppose from a male point of view this is actually funny. And maybe it is! One sometimes needs some perspective.

    Aren’t ties kind of annoying? I believe my eldest son has only worn a tie once in his life, to his bar-mitzvah. But I’ve worn ties, for fun, years ago (when Annie Hall wore them); they are nothing compared to pantyhose.

    Pantyhose was created by an evil marketer par excellence.

  • You must be allergic to the nylon. Try some other materials. If you’ll be wearing a long dress to the wedding, try the knee high stockings. There must be something you can wear.

  • Well, I’ll probably just stick with my cotton tights. Other than polypropelene, which isn’t exactly a wedding fabric, no, just about everything else is torture on my body. A bit of lycra mixed with cotton is OK.

    Next question is the dress; doesn’t anyone make party dresses with sleeves and covers ones front? I mean, really! The only party dresses I have seen that I like are in my daughter’s size, size 6 little girls. Maybe I’ll buy a new fancy, blazer and match it with a long black skirt.

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