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apple.gifWe should all be healthy:

Soy not healthy:
Soy Industry Promotes Health Myths to Sell More Soy Products

Author Kaayla T. Daniel is challenging what she calls the myth that soy prevents breast cancer. “The truth is that soy protein contains dangerous levels of plant estrogens. Although not identical to human estrogens, these have been proven to increase breast cell proliferation, a widely accepted marker of breast cancer risk.” said Daniel, author of “The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food.”

I’m waiting for the study on blog and Google Reader addiction:
Do you Email and Text Excessively? It’s A Mental Problem

Fight with your spouse and live longer:
Squabble with spouse for health
This fits in my express anger constructively theme.

Links to my anger series:

Humor is always a good way to end a blog post, especially one on health; but I can’t find anything too funny to link to at the moment, so I will end this post with the suggestion that you put a funny joke in the comments if you know one. Or a funny link. But you all have good taste, right, so I won’t have to use the delete key, right?

Addendum: Finally, I found a joke. And where else, but at Jack’s place:
Evolution of a Math Joke

6 thoughts on “Healthy Linking

  • I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your blog and I plan to visit more often. Today I was particularly interested in some of the food and health items. I’m also amazed that you have time to do all of this!!

  • Gila,

    Thank you so much for visiting! I like when I get locals on my blog. Do I have time? Do you want to make feel guilty for all the things I am supposed to be doing (how about cleaning for Pesach and spending more time with my daughter in the park instead of my blogging and her watching Cinderella next to me)?

    Mom in Israel: good for you. Met someone recently who said soy IS safe. Someone who teaches biology. Sometimes you don’t know whom to believe. I tried various recipes with tofu, and I was just as happy to give them up. No great loss.

  • I love tofu, but I’ve had to cut it down considerably because it’s not good to have too much soy if you have Hypothyroidism (which I have). I guess this is another reason to avoid it, although I’ve seen conflicting reports on the breast cancer issue. Better safe than sorry…

    Anyone have a recipe for a veggie burger minus the soy?


  • Jack and Jill,
    I just wanted to put those two names together.

    Hmmm. It’s all in the delivery. You tell jokes well. Middle son and I have stuff we think is hilarious. I try posting some of it, and it falls flat. Well, Middle son has come up with some new humor, and I will be posting it soon.

    Any interest in a recipe for salmon croquettes?

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