Israeli Politics for free

Gate at Megiddo, photo by Gary A. RendsburgYou can take a mini-course on the Israeli Political System, for free:

The course is taught by Professor Yaacov Yadgar, who was a visiting professor last year at the Rutgers Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life. There is also a course called the Bible and History, taught by Professor Gary A. Rendsburg, the chairman of the Rutgers Department of Jewish Studies.

Here’s an opportunity to ask academics (by posting on the forum for each course) any questions you have on their particular fields.

I worked with each professor to put these courses online. It seems that people who read my blog may be interested in either of these topics, so I’m giving these mini-courses some publicity.

Also online: an audio recording of the Bildner Center’s Dead Sea Scrolls lecture by Shalom Paul of Hebrew University

I wrote a bit about the Dead Sea Scrolls here.

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