Books, HH #162, Neglected Garden

daffodilSo it’s that time of year when if we do anything other than get ready for Passover, we feel guilty (at least I do). I do not want to neglect thanking Esser Agoroth for hosting Haveil Havalim #162, a fine listing of links to blog posts that I will really need to neglect for now. The Soccer Dad humor post on the Goshen Gazette sounded especially promising, so maybe I’ll check it next week. Or as a reward to myself for having done a little more preparation of my kitchen.

I have a pile of books that I want to write blog posts about:

Finally, it’s not really my garden that is being neglected but my need to play in the garden, especially on such a beautiful day. Here are some tasks that I would like to do: plant some broccoli rabe seeds, get rid of some of the fall leaves, put some mulch around my tree in the front, and take some pictures of the beautiful flowers (a violet appeared in a crack in the driveway) and seedlings popping up. My dill finally germinated. And so did my peas!

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