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appleAnother day of cleaning for Passover coming up. One little nifty trick I want to share, and it seems that I am not alone in doing this, is we don’t allow chametz (crackers, bread, pretzels) upstairs all year round. I sometimes sit in the living room and watch kids try to travel upstairs with snack or another. “Uh, uh, uh”, I announce from the comfort of the couch. No food upstairs, please.

I amended this rule from all food banned upstairs to some exceptions this year. My daughter wanted to eat upstairs. So I bargained with her. “OK if it’s an apple,” I said. Then I discovered she would ask often for an apple! Because she knew she could eat it upstairs. Wow, parental breakthrough. An incentive for my daughter to eat apples.

Here’s a previous post on trying to get kids to eat healthy:
Broccoli for Dessert

Dixie Yid reminds us not to overdue the pesach cleaning and not confuse it with spring cleaning, but if we don’t do the spring cleaning now, then when?

Finally, thank you to Prof. K for her vinegar suggestion. I’ve been using white vinegar and baking soda on my refrigerator shelves. It may not work as easily as the strong chemicals, but then, I don’t really want Comet or Joe’s Super Strength Cleaner next to my food.

Update today: my daughter got a kick out of the baking soda and vinegar! I spread baking soda on a kitchen cabinet, and then I asked her to guess what would happen when I poured on a little vinegar. She loved the bubbles! And she shared with her abba the fun of making bubbles while cleaning.

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