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Gail of Rubicon 3 and Shira are both learning Hebrew. So I thought I would help them out by posting my five-year-old daughter’s Hebrew homework. She answered one already, drawing a line from the “kos” to the cup, but we haven’t managed to coerce her into doing any more (when do you force a kid?):

Hints: A tamar, which is also a name, means date. Yonah or Jonah has a nickname.

If anyone wants the answers, I’ll put them in the comments. If you already know Hebrew, feel free to put a joke in the comments instead. Jokes always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Hebrew Homework

  • “A man was walking through the woods to go visit a dear friend. As he was walking he stumbled and his yarmulke fell off of his head. So he bent over to pick it up and upon standing up he noticed a bear standing in front of him.

    He froze in fear and began to tremble. As he stood there he watched in amazement as the bear stood up and placed a yarmulke on his own head and began to daven.

    He thought to himself, “I am saved, I have found the only Jewish bear in creation!” So he breathed a sigh of relief and began to daven and give thanks to G-d.

    He finished just in time to hear the bear utter the last words of the bear’s prayer — hamotzi lekhem min ha-aretz.*”

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