Man Plans God Laughs

In Yiddish: Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht
My mother-in-law is writing a book with that basic theme: you may plan all you like, but the control is in God’s hands.

My mother-in-law was born in Germany in 1930. Hitler came to power three years later. She and her parents were lucky to be able to make it to New York in 1938; much of her extended family perished in the Holocaust. She is the only person I know who devours books on World War II, books on battles included, and comes up with all the ways in which “coincidences” were actually God’s plan for the world. For example, on D-Day, the Germans assumed that because the weather report was bad, the Allies would not choose that day to attack. However, the weather report allowed for a few hours break in the storm, so Eisenhower chose that day for the attack. The weather, or God’s way of playing with man, was also a decisive factor in the German’s defeat at Stalingrad. I’m sure she can give similar information about the battles in the Pacific.

I told her I would be happy to publicize her book on my blog. In fact, any time she wants to do a guest post (I would type up any post for her), I would happily publish it here. However, I said if there are comments, she needs to answer the critics herself. So she responded that is why she presents her ideas to family, because she knows she will get a welcome reception for her ideas.

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