Noteworthy Experiences

charlie cardDo you ever have a period in your life where there is a sudden change of pace and scenery for a few days? And in a short period of time, you go from having 5 posts stored in your head that you would about which you would like to write to maybe twenty?

I left on Friday and took the train up to Boston. Thankfully, the AMTRAK train ride and the two local Boston train rides were uneventful, other than one now has to pay for Charlie tickets or Charlie cards on the Boston trains. As I remembered from my youth, the D train at Park Street Station still takes a while to arrive.

When the train started going through the Brookline and Newton train stops, old feelings got stirred up. I remembered when I was a teenager waiting in the freezing cold or pouring rain at the Brookline Hills train station for a crowded train to take me home. Passing Crystal Lake in Newton brought back fond memories of learning to swim as a child, or more recently, bringing my own children for a dip and a chance to play in the sand.

Some possible upcoming posts: my discussions with my friend on nutrition; what it is like to be in the synagogue of one’s youth, some forty years later; and about meeting my mother’s friend, Shirley Aresty.

Here it is, Sunday night, and I made it back. My family survived without me! (how dare they) But they seemed genuinely happy to see me.

3 thoughts on “Noteworthy Experiences

  • Have you met Ovadaiya ben Avraham Avinu yet?
    I think the ben Avraham Avinu is supposed to clue me in. I can only guess. But of course I am afraid of guessing wrong.

  • Note to my readers:
    When a man converts to Judaism, he takes on a new Hebrew name and is considered the son of Abraham our father (ben Avraham Avinu).

    I am pretty sure I know to whom you are referring, and I am glad he has finally been accepted (is that the right way to say this?).

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