Redecorating, Pesach Style

My daughter and I chose this contact paper to redecorate our kitchen counters:
contact paper
For us creative types, Passover can be a challenge. OK, it’s a challenge for everyone, but some of us need a creative outlet to help us get excited about a holiday. Purim is easy; lots one can do with Shaloch Manot or the Purim Seudah or a costume. On Sukkot, I put a lot of energy into decorating and even painting my Sukkah. Shavuot, with its emphasis on flowers, is fun for a gardener like myself. But the emphasis on Passover is clean, make lists, organize, read and re-read your list to make sure you have everything or most things for a mere week of time, reprint your list because you inadvertently left it in the car and your husband and kids cleaned the car and threw out your list, cook, buy, clean. Not necessarily in that order. So I was happy for a brief time this morning as my daughter and I turned our blue kitchen into a green one via that contact paper.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday (if you celebrate this one) and a joyous spring.

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