Russian Jokes

My mother, z”l, was born in Leningrad in 1924 and came to this country when she was five. So although she was very American, she still had some Russian tastes. Here’s one of the jokes she used to tell:
Q. What’s the difference between a Russian comedy and a Russian tragedy?
A. In a Russian tragedy, everybody dies. In a Russian comedy, everybody dies, but they all die laughing.

My friend Elinka has a punchy sense of humor. Do you think you’re nice and calm? Or are you really stressed? Check out this post and take the test. If you don’t read Russian, you can scroll down to the translation in the comments.

And then there’s this clever post, about how she’s giving up reading. Because it’s dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Russian Jokes

  • she’s lucky she could get in 1929
    I sneak in parts of her story. Her father was already an American citizen and already here. He had to pull strings to get my mother and grandmother into the country.

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