Soaker Hose Woes

I bought a soaker hose a few years ago, but I don’t use it much. I prefer watering my garden with my hose in my hand, so I can pinpoint the areas I want to dose or sprinkle with water. Lately, however, with my kids home because of Passover vacation, the multitude of cooking (and last week cleaning) tasks, and the lack of rain has induced me to set up the soaker hose again. I ran it for a few hours this morning:
Soaker Hose
Here you can see the hose runs around a reddish heucheria (aka coral bells) plant (at far left, cropped), then around my oak leaf hydrangea, then around the other heucheria plant. One heucheria plant seems to be growing better than the other; I am assuming it is because this plant is closer to other plants and to my faucet, even if by a few feet. So it’s probably not gotten enough water. Or it could be the soil is better a few feet away.

Anyway, my frustration with the soaker hose is that it waters what is right next to the hose but not what is a few inches away. And it takes so long for the water to wet the ground.

If you are an experienced gardener (and I believe most of my readers just enjoy looking at my garden), please let me know if there is anything I can do to maximize the use of my soaker hose. And as a result, have happier plants. Or at least more time to write posts or spend with my kids than standing in my garden with my hose in hand.

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