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coffee cupLabriut = Hebrew for “To Your Health” = לבריאות

Today’s topic: memory disorders

Memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, tend to run in families. My paternal grandmother, z”l, may her memory be a blessing, suffered from a memory disorder. When she was in a nursing home in Brookline, MA, she thought she was in one of her early apartments in Brooklyn, NY. My uncle, my father’s brother who has Alzheimer’s, is now in a full-time care facility in Canada. And I worry about my own father.

I was happy to read this article:
Cup Of Coffee A Day Could Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

and I also discovered a connection between Rutgers University and Israel on memory disorder research.

So tomorrow I will relax as I drink my morning coffee.

3 thoughts on “To Your Health

  • Me and hubby just had a heated debate over coffee, so I e-mail the article to him. Thanks for the evidence!
    I’ve seen other articles like this about positive effects of coffee. He thinks coffee is a bad habit with no redeeming properties.
    Of course, everyone is affected differently, and some people may be excessively jittery or have sleep trouble. I say, if there’s any chance it could have positive effects, plus I absolutely adore my morning cup: why not indulge?

  • Lots of older alternative nutrition books poo-poo coffee. Another reason to keep up with the latest in regards to nutrition. Never simple!

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