Blog Carnivals and Health Costs

FrumeSarah’s got the latest Haveil Havalim. And Batya promises the newest Kosher Cooking Carnival is coming soon.

Found a “new” blog today: Dr. Barbara Boucher tells us health care costs money, and someone has to pay for it. She asks for suggestions on how we can make it less expensive for everyone. I like the idea of being able to deduct medical expenses directly off your taxes, as that does not involve extra government bureaucracy. Also, if we could somehow be rewarded for taking care of ourselves and preventative medicine be more valued, that would reduce costs as well.

Here are some approaches to health care reform:

So how is this related to FrumeSarah’s Haveil Havalim and Me-ander’s upcoming Kosher Cooking Carnival? Start blogging, it’s good for your health!

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