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  • Mom in Israel on the radio, for the next week (until May 28)
    She is talking about Megeirot: when does a support group/religious learning group become a cult?

Finally, the Jerusalem Post has an editorial by Avi Shafran who quotes a report by Sylvia Barack Fishman (I used to babysit for her kids, many moons ago!). I can imagine that this will stir up some discussion:

A soon-to-be-released report entitled The Growing Gender Imbalance in American Jewish Life, by Brandeis University sociologist Sylvia Barack Fishman, will present statistical evidence to confirm what has been widely suspected in recent years: males in non-Orthodox communities are opting out of religious activities. Professor Fishman fears that as non-Orthodox Jewish men become increasingly estranged from religious and communal life they are more likely to intermarry and become “ambivalent at best, if not downright hostile to Jewish tradition.”

Since Jerusalem Post articles go away quickly, I am going to link to Avi Shafran’s post on Cross-Currents.

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