First Strawberry

My daughter and I enjoyed the first strawberry of the season from our yard. Mmm, sweet!

7 thoughts on “First Strawberry

  • Yep, strawberry season here in Israel seems to be over. And (horrors!) I’ve been told you can’t get fresh blueberries here 🙁

  • Well, mother in Israel and Baila, I have yet to see a pomegranate growing in New Jersey. My friend in Jerusalem grows them in her backyard.

    Blueberries are harder to grow than strawberries or raspberries. My neighbor down the block grows them, and the birds get most of ’em.

  • Looks delicious. Strawberries are definitely way past peak here in Israel now.

    Re the blueberries, you can find them (and other berries) at select greengrocers, but they are frightfully expensive. I’d need a second mortgage to make a pie!

  • Robin, that sounds expensive. We get them from Chile in the winter, and the price is not too high. My teenage son could eat one box of blueberries in one sitting.

  • Beautiful strawberry! Our strawberry plants are growing and blooming like crazy so I hope to see yummy fruit soon. Nothing better than a sweet fresh strawberry IMO. 😉

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