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veggiesIt’s been a while since I’ve posted some healthy links.

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  • I had also read the OU article about children and obesity.
    So far in France we had seemed to be relatively immune to this problem but sadly it is becoming an issue here too.
    Personally I try to cut down on meat and cook more vegs but I must admit that sometimes I lack ideas, especially in winter. I guess I need better and more enlightening cookbooks.

  • Ilana-Davita, I find I do battle with my kids on trying to get them to eat more healthy dishes. My Eldest prefers noodles with ketchup every night for dinner than most of what I prepare. There are lots of health-conscious parents in this community, but the ones in charge of the schools and synagogues are not terribly interested in health. Sad.

    I’ll do a post about cookbooks at some point.

  • Mother in Israel, yeah, let someone else try the broccoli juice one first! That particular site has a lot against sunscreen. Controversial, but worth a look.

    Budgets: meaning, it costs money to buy fresh fruits and vegetables? Sometimes that’s it. But some families spend a lot of money on meat and packaged goods and restaurants. Hard to tell.

    I haven’t figured out how to get others to eat healthier. I mostly feel like I’m preaching to the choir.

  • I just looked at the one on apple peels. Presumably the study referred to was not using organic apples, but at the end they suggset using them anyway.

    You’re right, at least in Israel junk is a lot more expensive than fruit, except for candy like fruit taffy. But Bisli etc. must be served at every party and even when friends come over.

  • Mother in Israel,

    I’m flattered…
    There’s a link at the very bottom of the page. I guess I should put it on top, too. Tomorrow I’ll do that.

    Ah, the organic vs. non-organic discussion: is it better to eat a non-organic apple than not to eat an apple at all? I would choose the non-organic apple. But there it is definitely a cost factor; organic costs more. Unless you grow ’em in your backyard.

  • Just found it in the “help” secton of the computer. Now I’m adding all my favorite blogs to the RSS reader. This will certainly save time and clicks.

  • I think I realized you weren’t using an RSS reader when you said you hadn’t checked Rivka’s Ha’azina Tefilati in a while. I am addicted to my Google Reader, and her feed was just in there. I actually have to turn my Google Reader off when I work, because it’s distracting. Like having the tv on while you do homework. But much better than tv, cuz you can answer back.

    So should I skip the Google Reader post? You found an RSS reader on your computer?

  • Yes, ther was one already; thanks Steve Jobs.
    I knew how a feed worked and even added one to my blog, not that it was necessary I’ve just realized (since there were already two links at the bottom of the page). What I didn’t know was how to add someone else’s feed to the RSS reader. I don’t have to use the Google reader though, just to click on a logo with RSS.
    A post might still help other folks; you could also indicate where to find how to subscribe depending on where people blog.

  • OK, I’ll put on the back burner as posts to consider writing. I wrote a web page a while back about RSS feeds, but I took it offline because it had out-of-date information.

    Glad you got your RSS reader to work.

    One nice thing about Google Reader is when I switch computers (we have three in our house), my Google Reader is still available.

  • There’s so much to learn isn’t there? I’m trying to eat my way into good health and feel I’m headed on a good path for me. I don’t have to read labels too often since I shop mainly in the produce section but my hubby got me into the habit of checking labels and doing further research on my own. Thanks for sharing all those helpful links and sites.

  • Rosie, yes, all the information can get overwhelming. I enjoy posting the links that interested me, and then find out what my readers have to say. We get to explore together.

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