My Bleeding Heart Bled

Bleeding Heart
Finally, I have hearts hanging from my bleeding heart plant (Dicentra), which I planted two years ago. Last year it produced green leaves but no “hearts”, the flower of the plant. Seems like the term “Bleeding Heart” may be Christian in origin, referring to the Sacred Heart. The political term may have originally been used for Eleanor Roosevelt. At the bottom of this post is same plant, about a month before the pretty pink hearts appeared.

4 thoughts on “My Bleeding Heart Bled

  • In France, they are called “coeur de Marie”, I take it for “who you know’s” mother so I guess it has a Christian origin.
    There are some in my garden too.

  • Batya, so sorry! I was considering taking out the “bled”, but I like funny titles.

    Ilana-Davita, I had to find a way to say that without offending anyone but not say “his” name.

    These grow in the shade, and the plant seems to “disappear” by late summer, so I was concerned that it was gone. I got very excited that it reappeared!

  • I love bleeding hearts. My mother used to grow them when I was growing up, and they remind me of childhood. Haven’t seen them in years. Guess they are not popular in Virginia.

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