Scavenger Hunt of HH #166

Phyllis at Ima on (and off) off the Bima has the latest Haveil Havalim, a blog carnival of Jewish and Israeli topics.

For fun, I am making this week’s post on my blog into a scavenger hunt. Can you find:

  1. The name of the winner of the World Bible Contest
  2. What’s the source of the term nakba?
  3. Which European country showed some surprising support for Israel?
  4. Which 1980 song of peace is remembered?
  5. Help our environment by using one less _______ (fill in the blank)?
  6. What happened to Yaakov Mendel as a child?
  7. Is life in Crown Heights like life in Israel?
  8. Besides Haveil Havalim, what other blog carnival is mentioned on the Wikipedia J-Blogosphere article?
  9. Where in New Jersey is a Hebrew language charter school starting?
  10. What’s the latest U.S. newspaper that is altering history?

Feel free to add your own.

5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt of HH #166

  • 1. Tzurit Berenson
    2. The term naqba, was originally used to denote the Palestinians loss of dependence, not their loss of (nonexistant) independence.
    3. France.
    4. Shir LaShalom
    5. Bag.
    6. Yaakov Mendel was bitten by a mosquito, became deathly ill, and had to be medevaced back to the United States for emergency medical treatment.
    7. Crown Heights and Israel have very similar problems. We are both located in the heart of a place where those who are not like us, hate us.
    8. Kosher Cooking Carnival.
    9. The Englewood Hebrew Language and Culture Charter School
    10. The LA Times.
    Thanks for the fun!

  • Phyllis, glad you enjoyed it. I can’t say I’ll do that every week, but when I’m in the mood, and there’s some time on a Sunday morning.

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