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TwerskiYou might think this is a post on Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, who will be speaking at Congregation Ohav Emeth in Highland Park, New Jersey on June 1, 2008 at 7:00 pm. The topic will be Family Wellness (Child Raising, Teens at Risk, Spousal Relationships).

If I make it to the lecture, then I will afterwards do the post that you are expecting to read now. This post is about how I would like to go to the lecture, but I’m afraid something will prevent me. It seems to be the same day as the Salute to Israel Day Parade. So, if I go to New York City with my son the Boy Scout and march with him down Fifth Avenue, I will probably be too tired to go out at night. Last time Rabbi Twerski spoke in our community was right after my son’s bar-mitzvah. I fell fast asleep at 6 pm instead of going anywhere. Maybe this time I’ll make it?

When someone talks about intense topics like these, it’s scary. Teens at risk? I’ve got a teen. So my teen does tell me he isn’t interested in doing drugs and alcohol. I’m a mom; I can still worry.

And now, a bit about Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, and why I think it’s worth my while (and yours, if you live locally, or he shows up in your community) to attend. Rabbi Twerski is often the one who talks about issues others want to put under the rug. He’s worked with drug addicts and abusers. Basically, he’s worked with real people. And real problems.

Here’s a link to an essay of his on domestic abuse. Read his message on alcohol abuse and marijuana among Jewish adolescents. And I quoted him previously because I appreciated how he differentiated between the feeling of anger and the reaction to anger.

Here’s a quote supposedly said about Rabbi Twerski:

“None of these problems existed in the frum community before—why did Twerski have to come along and create them?”

I liked this quote of his that I found online:

“I too searched far and wide for the cure to addiction, but my medical and psychiatric background did not lead me to the cure because the source of addiction does not lie here,”

So will I make it? Encourage me on May 30th.

(Addendum: This lecture is brought to the public by our local Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley–an organization that organizes visits to the sick and much more.)

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