Any good news?

Ilana-Davita came back after being away for a few days and wrote in response to my post about the bulldozer attack in Jerusalem:

It’s about the only piece of news I have heard in three days. I wish I had heard about brighter items.

Does anyone have any good news to share?

Bill Gates and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City are getting together to spend millions of dollars on a campaign to stop smoking. Is that good news? Also, if you had their kind of money, would you spend it on a campaign to stop smoking?

3 thoughts on “Any good news?

  • Definitely not, even though I have never smoked myself, am a bit allergic to the smoke and know about all the bad effects.
    I guess I’d favor a relief center like Meir Panim in Israel and a campaign to encourage reading.

  • I might spend money on helping people to quit smoking, but I wouldn’t bother with education and awareness stuff. I’d use the money for bribery: If you remain smoke-free for x amount of time (and it has to be over a year) you’ll get x amount of dollars…enought to make it worth it. Of course with mandatory testing to ensure honesty.

    We sure could use a program here in Israel. The young here smoke like chimneys (as do the middle-aged and the old).

  • Since this is supposed to be an international program, should be interested to see what Bloomberg has in mind. Bill Gates has strange ideas sometimes; I think he once sent laptops to Africa, then found out later they didn’t have running water, let alone electricity.

    I would pay the best teachers better, so the kids of the next generation could have really good teachers. And just to say thank you. Maybe give out free fresh produce? But to whom and how? Sounds like fun to be a philanthropist. Fun problems to solve.

    I wonder if money could solve the smoking in Israel problem. It seems to be rampant. My (Israeli) cousins were talking about the smokers in their offices, and they work in health fields.

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