Families and Boundaries

People have different boundaries; what might be comfortable to you, for example, might not be comfortable to me. My husband is a rather private person, so I try not to write much about him. It’s hard, though, because our families are part of our lives, and I enjoy connecting by writing.

I do try to be careful about what I say about other family members, and I don’t think I’m being too revealing by saying:

Here’s what my boys are excited about.

This is a website that has lectures my father enjoys (I’ve downloaded them unto his mp3 player).

And here are some of my daughter’s buddies:
clydesdale and zebra

7 thoughts on “Families and Boundaries

  • This is THE conundrum of blogging, isn’t it? Who to talk about? What to leave out? I allude to things on my blog which is rather easier as I do a photo/haiku post. It probably would not surprise you if I said that the old man taking his first sip of coffee was my father, when I took him for a sit in the park last weekend from his nursing home. Thank you for your comment. Although he has not seen the portrait people who know him have and have been much taken by it.

  • Julie, that was a precious photo you took of your father. Thanks for sharing it on your blog, and thanks for the lovely “active listening” comment you added to this post.

  • I hear ya on the boundaries. I try to be careful with those as well with my own family. Even tho’ my hubby has a blog and youtube I try to be respectful with what I share that involves him, whether for privacy reasons or giving him the chance to share his perspective on something before I go blabbing on to the world! hee hee! But I try to extend that same respect to the rest of my family and friends I know in person so I don’t talk too much about them or keep it somewhat vague.

    I love your daughter’s buddies and I’m looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight one of these days. 🙂

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