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If you want to add a link to a comment in my blog, all you need to do is copy the url that you want from the top of your browser and paste it into the comment. A url begins with “http://“. Once you press submit, it gets converted into a link. Automatically. This also works in Ilana-Davita’s blog, because she also uses WordPress.

However, if you are using Blogger and you add a url link, it will look like a url, like this:

So what if you want to make that link into a hyperlink, so people click on it? You need to add anchor tags. You start your tag like this:
<a href=””>
Then you put in some sort of text here. And end it with:

Here’s another way of showing how to do it:
<a href=”url”>Text to be displayed</a>

When you do add a link in Blogger, this is a good time to press “Preview”. Run your mouse over link, and look at the bottom of your browser to make sure you put in the correct link.

< and > locations:
 Here it’s on bottom right(this looks like my keyboard)

 Here it’s on bottom left
(maybe the > is achieved by holding the Shift key down?)

Any questions?

24 thoughts on “How to do a link

  • Ilana-Davita, you can practice on your own site by going into code mode and writing out the links instead of using the WordPress shortcuts.

  • If we’re already talking technical, another couple of question:

    1. How did you generate your list of Recent Comments?

    2. What did you use to get your list of blog topics to appear by font size?

    Thanks… still new at this.


  • ALN, glad you asked. I see you are using Blogger. I use WordPress, so the answers for me are different than they are for you. First, I’ll start with 2. That’s a TAG CLOUD. Love those things. You can do one on Blogger; there is an option for those.

    Now 1. I have a WordPress plugin for Recent Comments.
    Frumhouse has Recent Comments on her blog, so there must be a way to add them in Blogger.

    At some point I’ll set up a Blogger account for myself so I can answer more Blogger questions.

  • I wanted to try for my latest post but couldn’t find the < button on my keyboard. Still can’t find it! I used the webeditor for this comment. Which what I do when I edit a post online using code (what very little I understand).

  • Okay, I’ll hang on to this post until I have time to process it. In the meantime, I have another tech question: If I link something on my blog, will that link be notified automatically somehow. I have a feeling that’s so because I get certain comments only when I mention the blogger’s name or site (linked, of course). In that case, I do set Blogger so that I will get notified when someone links me? (I would never have known about Swedish Chekchouka if I hadn’t seen that on your post.)

    Let’s see if that linked…:D

  • Baila, so close!
    You wrote this:
    <a>Swedish Chekchouka</a>

    You forgot the url. The link doesn’t know where to go.

    Try this:
    <a href=””>Swedish Chekchouka</a>

  • >I will get notified when someone links me
    Since I don’t use Blogger, I can’t answer your question. But I can guess.
    In WordPress, on the Dashboard, there’s a section called Incoming Links. I suspect there is some similar Incoming Links section in your Blogger dashboard.

  • Ilana-Davita, maybe you helped someone else out who was less comfortable asking your question. So: thanks.
    Sounds like something I might tell my students. You’d make a good teacher indeed.

  • Ilana-Davita, thanks for the compliment! I did teach last summer at the local library, but they don’t have the funding to do that again. I might experiment with teaching online by doing one simple tech post each week. Topic ideas welcome.

  • Baila, even closer this time… you put in two quotes instead of just one. Look carefully at comment 11. to see how to write the link code.

    If you run your mouse over the link in 15., do you see how it has a ” at the end?

  • Yep. I cut and pasted it and did it quickly. I came back because I’m going to try this over at Gila’s blog for a comment I’m putting up there. When you have a minute you can check if it worked. If it didn’t I will need some remedial courses in this.

  • Baila, you should NOT CUT AND PASTE when you are learning. If you want a link to work, be sure it starts with http:\\. And slow down! Take your time, make sure each character is correct, and you’ll get it.

    Can you try practicing on your own blog? There must be some kind of code view in Blogger. Go into code view and type out the code for each link instead of using Blogger buttons.

    At least your link on Gila’s blog seems to work…

  • Thanks, Leora. I know I’m a tough student. I’ll go practise on the code view (if I can figure out where that is). One of these days I’ll make you proud…

    Laila tov!

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