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This past week was the first Jewish Blogger’s Conference in Jerusalem. If you want to hear more about it, I suggest you read: Baila, Mother in Israel, Carl in Jerusalem, Jameel at Muqata, Joe Settler, Batya, WestbankMama and FrumSatire who were actually there, and then finish up with SuperRaizy who was in New York but blogged as if she were there.

coffee cup
I want to highlight one blogger in particular:
RivkA at Coffee and Chemo.
RivkA had the guts to ask the panel questions at the conference; I believe the question was about increasing blog traffic. But in general RivkA has a lot of guts. She writes about living with cancer. And she really lives. Her post about walking around the walls of Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av was particularly memorable. She talks about her support group, and how half the group doesn’t show up because they don’t feel well enough to come. But she clearly gets a lot out of the support. So, as I probably get different traffic to my blog than she gets to hers, I’m wondering if I can send you on over to Jerusalem and her blog to read a couple of posts on cancer survival. And about living.

I’m trying to find a post on her blog where she explains the capital A, as in RivkA, but I can’t.
Update: see Mother in Israel’s comment below, where she explains the accent is on the second syllable.

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