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Today’s toy:

I added some code so now some of you have cute little pics next to your comments. If you don’t, you might be saying, hey, how do I get one of those cute little pics (a.k.a. avatars) next to my comment?

Go to the above-mentioned gravatar.com site and sign up for one! The first time I tried, for some odd reason it rejected my email address. Now, no one uses that email address except me. So, I ruminated for a week, then I went back in, and I used a different email address. That one let me in. I could sign up and add a user pic of my choice to be associated with that email address. Then it let me add another email address, so I added the one the system had previously rejected, and happily, this time it took the email address I use on all blogs except my own!

Today my little froggie that I designed for Parshat Vaera and the froggy song that goes with the Frog Plague showed up on Haloscan comments and on WordPress.com blogs. My paint brush pot showed up on my own blog, because I associate it with a different email address.
brushes in pot

A good size for an avatar is about 100 pixels by 100 pixels. If you upload a photo that is a perfect square with the dimensions of 128 pixels by 128 pixels, it will size that avatar down as needed.

If you try this, I’d be curious to hear how it goes!

16 thoughts on “Avatar Gravatar Shmavatar

  • Oh, Ilana-Davita, you would need to have your own installation of WordPress anyway, to do the above. For me, it’s just editing some PHP, one of my favorite hobbies anyway.

  • Leora: Thanx for sharing this site. I remember coming upon this post once before but I never checked out the site, then today I remembered the post so I came back to check it out. I added my picture, and it’s cool how on wordpress it will now show the picture I added, but now it’s commenting with a different username, so it doesn’t link to my blog since I use blogger.

    I love these geeky stuff. and those are very cool icon’s you made!

  • actually I realized the problem, that I just have to log out of the wordpress account, and it still works with the picture, that is really cool, thanx so much for sharing, it’s nice to have a personalized picture!

  • Babysitter, yeah, I had similar problems when I first used Gravatar. Logging out of Gravatar does seem to do the trick.

    I do find it hard to see your new icon, however. It looks like it says Babysitter on the bottom, but I don’t want strain my eyes too much.

  • Leora: yea, your right it is hard to read, but I figure it’s ok because it’s just for recognition purposes, since my blogger profile has the same picture in bigger people already saw it there, so they know what it says already.

  • Today I was procrastinating and fooling around on the computer. I wanted a way to be able to have 2 separate profiles for my 2 blogs, but with keeping them under one username. So I finally found a way to create a second profile. Then I wanted to see if there was a way to create another image for the second profile when I link up to it, so then I remembered it goes by e-mail addresses and I saw I was able to link up a new e-mail address in gravator, without getting rid of the old one, so now it’s all good!

  • But I think in Blogger you can only have the one profile? So you can have the two avatars for WordPress sites, but not for Blogger sites. I’m getting confused with all the different ways one can do things!

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