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Finally, the Kosher Cooking Carnival is THIS Wednesday. That means you have two days to write a post, if you haven’t already (by Tuesday). Thanks so much, Batya, Ilana-Davita, Mom in Israel, Juggling Frogs, Mottel, tnspr, and many others who may not even know they will appear.

Maybe these bloggers can come up with a food post fast?!: Baila, Frumhouse, SuperRaizy, Gail, Imabima, Muqata, A Living Nadneyda, Sheva. No pressure. Just a nudge.

13 thoughts on “Explore

  • Ilana-Davita, both the bottoms and the tops. I find the tops rather bitter, but sometimes I chew on one leaf before throwing the rest in my compost.
    Fish is supposed to be good for you, though some say the mercury in the fish is counter to its good points.

    Mottel, with pleasure. I love your site and photos.

  • Leora..if I would eat oily fish my neurologist would be happy as it helps with inflammation which could help with my ms symptoms. So..it is a good thing..that and vitamin D is very important…

  • Michelle, there’s also a supplement called “krill oil”. Not sure if that would help you, but some use it as a substitute for the fishy oil.

    Raizy, looking forward to whatever you submit!

  • Hi, Larry! Yes, sorry for including you as “many others who may not even know they will appear.” Your link will appear! I could have phrased that as “some whose links I found or Juggling Frogs found or Batya found and so therefore they will appear”, but that was kind of long-winded.

  • Ok – tomorrow is the day. I will post about food – hopefully I will not be too late. The problem is, I think I’ve already posted my favorite recipes…But maybe a recipe I haven’t tried yet…

    I will do my best to come up with an idea. Thanks for the nudge!

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