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 The Rebbetzin’s Husband presents HH #178

Blogging is to oneself

Conversation in our house yesterday:
Friend of Hubby: How do you say ‘to blog’ in Hebrew? Is it “l’blohg” or “l’baleyg”?
Hubby: L’hitbaleyg.
(Explanation: L’hitbaleyg is a verb construction in Hebrew called hitpael. Hitpael is a verb in which one does something to oneself, such as l’hitlabesh is to get oneself dressed. So since blogging is often about oneself, it fits).

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Why humor suffers in translation

Marx Brothers line:
Soup and rice. Soup and rice. Soup-rice, soup-rice, surprise.
Translation into Hebrew:
Marak v’orez. Marak v’orez. Marak-orez, marak-orez, Hafta’ah!

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Really funny: Benji tries to woo Israeli women

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