Lioney smells portulaca

Lioney is smelling one of my first portulaca or moss rose. I grow these in the front of my house, and I find the other plants are bullies to this one, meaning they will grow right over and on top of these self-seeding annuals, so I have to clear the others away to make room for these lovely flowers. They don’t need a lot of rain (they have these fat leaves that store water), but they do love the sun. Lioney is a Webkinz (do you need me to explain a Webkinz?).

Another view of the portulaca:

9 thoughts on “Lioney smells portulaca

  • Oh, dear, Ilana-Davita. That’s the concrete of our sidewalks that you are seeing. No, our soil is full of clay. In the 18th century, there used to be pottery factories near here.

    I grow the portulaca right near the walkways.

  • It really is a lovely flower!
    And your comment in my blog gmade me smile!
    I have plenty of water photos because I love them too!

    Have a good, new week!

  • The cool thing about portulaca is that you can take a small cutting, practically throw it on the dirt, and within a few weeks it will have regenerated into blooming groundcover (low water usage, too).

    Alas, those of us in Israel will have to wait until after Rosh haShana.


  • ALN, yes, I guess portulaca is mediterranean flower. My friend who taught me about portulaca said the Italians in South Boston love to grow this flower.

    I wrote a post about no deadheading during Shmitta. Hard on the little portulaca, as they need to be separated from the bigger plant bullies, as I call them.

  • Pretty flower and cute to have the Webkinz there. I was got in the way of a preteen trying to get to the Webkinz at the toy store I like to stop in and look. It was madness..

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