Broccoli T-Shirts and a Fat Giraffe

I’m rather fond of Dr. Mercola’s posts on nutrition and health. Here are two serious ones:

And here’s a humorous one, on what will happen when McDonalds reaches Africa.

Finally, there are shirts for nutrition nerds in in my shop.

5 thoughts on “Broccoli T-Shirts and a Fat Giraffe

  • What Dr Mercola says in the first article is more or less what people who have studied the Cretan diet have been saying for a few years, isn’t it? Apart from the fact that I love the taste, it is also why I use olive oil most of the time.

  • Ilana-Davita, I think the Mediterranean diet showed what *is* good for you (using olive oil for cooking and limiting animal products), but this is saying what’s *not* good (trans-fats).
    Thanks for reading.

  • Agreed on the trans-fats. However, wasn’t it about forty years ago that the govt. promoted trans-fats as superior to animal fats? It took awhile for that to be dissolve (unlike the trans-fats in our arteries). That broccoli could be par cooked, then sautéd in olive oil and garlic…

    Gotta start on my calorie counting again!

  • Ralph, and so the Government is not the best source for health information. As I’m sure you know, biases are everywhere. But we can’t use this as an excuse ignore nutritional health and research. We just got to use our sechel (expression meaning brains? common sense? a combo of the two?).

  • I loved the fat giraffe it definitely gets the message across. Proud to say I never eat the McDonalds burgers or fries, I have a milkshake once or twice a year but that is where it stops. Give me fresh vegetables any day of the week even if I know nothing about nutrition.

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