Ruby Tuesday: Tomatoes

I took this photo a month ago, but I figure now is a good time to think tomatoes, as I would like to plan ahead for next year. My crop was not as bountiful this year as last. I can think of two factors:

  1. I was busy last spring and did not spend a lot of time preparing the garden.
  2. We had a cooler, wetter August and thus slower ripening of the tomatoes.

There is not much I can do about the weather, but I have already started a new spot in my garden to plant my tomatoes next year. I think this spot will get a little more sun, and it is a good idea to rotate where one plants crops, in any case. I pushed aside some of my proliferating strawberry plants and have started putting down vegetable and garden scraps where I will grow next years tomatoes. The tomatoes I have been planting are called Rutgers tomatoes. They are not too big, which I like, but maybe next year I’ll plant more than one variety of tomato.

Does that bowl look familiar? I photographed it for Project Blue.

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