Our Sukkah

Sunday is an important day for our family. It’s “sukkah day.” Now if you think I mean it’s the holiday of Sukkot, no, that doesn’t start for another week and a half. This Sunday is the day my husband drags out of the garage the large, unwieldy pieces of wood that make up the sukkah he designed ten years ago. It takes him all day to put the thing together. Every year he says he’s going to give this up and buy a pre-fab. But I’m rather attached to our sukkah, especially because we have painted the inside.

On the far wall in the photo you can see my “Jerusalem in the snow” scene. I wasn’t intentionally trying to paint snow, but I left a lot of white space, so it does have a snowy look.

For those of you reading this post who have no idea what a sukkah is, time to visit a Jewish neighborhood (or Israel) the week of October 12. In backyards, frontyards, driveways, on porches and terraces you will see these decorated booths with greenery on top. We eat in those booths for seven days. Some hardy folk (hardier than me) sleep in them, too. More on Sukkot.

9 thoughts on “Our Sukkah

  • I never heard of it before, but then, I was not very familiar with jewish rituals until I started reading this blog. I find this all very interesting, I think people should have more rituals and traditions like that!

  • Over at Baila’s house, we like to leave things for the last minute. Or at least my husband likes to put up the Sukkah at the last minute. And then not take it down ’til Chanukah.


  • Since we don’t have the equivalent of a Sunday here in Israel -Friday doesn’t really count because we’re usually busy getting ready for Shabbat – everyone puts their succot up at night right after Yom Kippur. I love how every year – about an hour or two after the fast is over – all the neighbors come outside and start building. (We have a pre-fab succah, which is so easy to put up that the kids do it all by themselves. My husband just has to help a bit with the schach.)

  • Jientje, I’m glad you are enjoying learning!
    Michelle, yes, I hope my husband thinks so, too.
    Baila, yeah, well, that’s how it often is!
    Mrs. S., oh, so that’s when you put it up!
    Ilana-Davita, yes, I really love our sukkah.
    Raizy, oh, we keep him standing there holding it up for two weeks or so… 😉

  • that’s really cool that you painted your sukkah. I was just talking to a girl that said she went to a friends house last year and painted her sukkah with all kinds of designs, I never knew people did that, I was so impressed. Makes it more exciting for the kids, and more personal.

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