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garlic gingerThis post is basically an open thread: how do you stay healthy? And how do you combat common illnesses like a cold or flu?

Too many bloggers posting illness:

On the link called Flu, you can see Batya posted my “get well concoction”. It’s not for major illnesses, just for viral ones like the common cold. She also suggested horseradish for me. I should try that one. I’ve been sneezing on and off all week, and it doesn’t seem to be the common cold, after all.

Here’s a good idea from Frumhouse (from Batya’s flu post):

Inhaling steam in the bathroom from a hot running shower cleared up a stuffy nose and eased a cough

My father suggested I get some sunshine today, so I did that, and I took down all our sukkah decorations in the process (the rest of the sukkah is coming down as I type, via husband and Eldest son). The sunshine did seem to help. Fits with all the new evidence that Vitamin D is important.

 A previous post of mine on the health benefits of garlic and ginger

OK, your turn.

17 thoughts on “Staying Healthy

  • I dunno much about what to eat to stay healthy.
    As far as I know, you just have to build up a strong immune system somehow.

    But feel better to those that aren’t feeling well!

  • Just a note that my father bought me a flu immunity homeopathic remedy via our favorite local chiropracter. It seems to be helping me breathe better. If it works over a couple of days, it will become a new blog post…

  • Hel, so far, that one hasn’t worked. Been trying it all week. Drank garic with coffee today! Might be time to visit my favorite chiropractor (Dr. Harry Schick). First, I’m going to try the flu immunity homeopathic spray for a few days.

  • Babysitter, this isn’t just any chiropractor. This is an excellent health practitioner. He helped my daughter and my son, and my father sees him regularly. The homeopathic remedy we got from him seems to be working; I can breathe again!

  • I started taking flu shots every year when I was undergoing chemotherapy. Haven’t had the flu since I began doing so (in 2001). Doesn’t help for colds, of course. For those, I take advil and tea with honey.

  • Gail, I didn’t know how you would respond to that. There are all sorts of scary stories out there: you find the political ones, I seem to stumble on some of the health ones. I don’t know whom to believe on anything anymore. Just read and ask questions.

  • I appreciate the information. I’d never heard it before. And I agree, it is very hard to know what to believe. One day margerine is good and butter is bad, the next day, the reverse. One day the stock market drops 1,000 pts, the next day it’s up 1,000. Crazy!

  • To me staying healthy means eating decently–which we usually do, getting lots of exercise–which I do until I get sick, and getting a fair amount of sleep–which I NEVER do. Each winter I stave off sickness longer than most, and I attribute that to my exercise routine and the water I drink. But the sleep factor is difficult, and my body finally gives in. I am trying to do better this year. It’s just the phase of my life where time is not abundant.

  • Louise, yes, getting enough sleep is important to health, but if I wrote a blog post to get more sleep, would anybody listen? No, because we often do what we do. Easier to focus on how one cooks one’s food. Maybe one person will say “aha” and steam instead of fry.

    My kids love fried food, so I fry stuff a lot. And it looks really good so I often eat it too… I managed to resist eating fried food and dairy while I had a cold. Maybe it helped.

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