It’s birthday night here in our home, as two family members share a birthday. We (three of us) are making a special dinner for the other two. I think I better get downstairs to help with the cake, as soon as I finish this post. Do you have a special way of celebrating birthdays?

The cake above was made last summer for my daughter’s birthday. Can you guess how I made the cake pink?

Okay, now tell me a bit about how you celebrate birthdays!

19 thoughts on “Birthdays

  • Thanks, Raizy, Michelle, ID and MiI. I think they did enjoy our “surprise” party (my daughter CANNOT keep a secret; her hinting was hilarious and fun).

  • Happy Birthday to two Scorpios in your house.

    Coincidentally we have two in our family on the same day as well. I had my daughter on my birthday. She will be 20 next month. 😉

    We share a cake!

  • Patti, must be something about that day! One of the bloggers who commented also shares that birthday. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter.

    Thanks for guessing on the frosting coloring method, but that’s not it.

  • Happy Birthday! that’s really cool that 2 family members have a birthday the same time. (My family takes that for granted). It’s actually cool, one of the families I babysit by, the parents have a birthday the same day, so I think that’s one thing that bonded them, that they share a birthday, like another common interest.

    The cake looks great, I’ve never seen strawberries put on a cake before, makes it healthier.

    I wonder how you got it pink, I’m gonna guess that it’s not food coloring. Something edible that has to taste good…ok, what is it?

  • Happy birthday x2!

    My youngest saw the picture of your cake and was enchanted by the pink frosting. I can’t wait to hear how you made it.

    We always invite all the grandparents, ba”h, over for a birthday supper and cake.

    I’m working on a post about Israeli gan birthday parties…

  • I also vote for beets – it’s a lovely shade of pink.

    For a while we were always going to a restaurant for our birthday celebrations – now it’s harder to get everyone free at the same time.

    Lately I’ve left it up to the birthday person what they’d like to do. For my birthday a year ago we all went cherry picking – it was the best birthday I had!! One daughter would like to go to the Blind Museum (not sure if that’s what it’s called – you experience what it’s like being blind) – we still have to do that one.

  • Congratulation to Ilana-Davita and Klara for guessing the correct answer to the pink frosting ingredient.

    Klara, cherry picking sounds like a marvelous birthday adventure.

  • Klara: You live in Israel? If yes, then I can find out what that blind museum is called. When I went to Israel for Pesach one year. My cousins had gone to that museum for a chol Hamoed trip, they said great things about it. That it’s pitch black, and you walk around with a blind person who helps you, because they know what it’s like, so they show you the differences between coins so that you can buy stuff, and other cool stuff. I myself wouldn’t do it because it sounds scary. But it sounds like a great trip for those that can.

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