Yocheved OrpazBad news is all over. If you take it all in, if you identify with every single story on the news, you will not be able to function. On the other hand, if you bury your head in the sand, you will not understand who is attacking whom and how it might effect you and your family.

My father was a young teen living in Brooklyn, New York during World War II. He told me that sometimes, when he is in a basement and he sees someone with heavy boots walking by, he imagines in his head that the boots belong to Nazi soldiers. They don’t, and thanks to brave American, British and Russian soldiers the Nazis never set foot in New York, but that early memory of terror still lives inside. Even in those days when news came only through newspaper or radio, it resonated in the head of a young person.

On Friday morning, concerned about the situation in Mumbai, I looked in Twitter and read the tweet of an also concerned person: ” Is it just me or is this situation in Mumbai w/ the Rabbis driving you crazy too? I’m obsessed & worried as if I knew them.” I tweeted back (you only get 140 characters in these tweets): “it is a skill to learn to back off of the news and to modulate. Let it in in bits, but then get back to your life.”

And now I am going to take my own advice and post only a few of the memorable posts in response to the horrible tragedy in Mumbai:

May the families find comfort. May the world understand good and evil and find a proper path to deal with the evil.

I look forward to posting Today’s Flowers tomorrow. That meme is always a source of comfort for me.

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